Circuit optimization algorithms for Quantum Computers (Qiskit)

  • Implementation of optimization and logic synthesis algorithms for Qiskit-Terra: an open source Python library for Quantum Computers maintained by IBM
  • Work in the group of Prof. Giovanni de Micheli and Dr. Mathias Soeken at EPFL
  • My pull requests and contributions can be found on GitHub 



 Numerical simulations of quantum devices on high performance clusters

  • Work at EPFL in the group of prof. Tobias Kippenberg
  • Parallelization of simulations on large computing clusters


Text Sentiment Classification 

  • We developed an algorithm which can analyze the meaning of Tweets
  • Using TensorFlow, Keras & GloVe


Inverse statistical methods for protein simulations

  • Work at EPFL in the group of prof. Paolo De Los Rios (supervisor dr. Stefano Zamuner)
  • Project available on GitHub
  • The paper about the project can be found here


Simulation of a Tokamak Fusion Reactor

  • I created a tokamak fusion reactor simulation in Matlab. It demonstrates how charged high-energy particles can be held in a magnetic bottle (the Tokamak), without touching its walls and melting them due to extremely high temperatures. The magnetic field has a very complicated shape, as it is created by multiple current coils and a rotating charged plasma cloud.
  • A simplified version of the code is available on GitHub